Meet Mark Wetton

Over 25 years of raising a family and running a business in Malibu, California.

I first arrived in Malibu in the winter of 1978 to attend Pepperdine University (BA 81’). It was the start of a lifelong love affair with Malibu. Being a surfer didn’t hurt the relationship, but that was only a small part of the attraction. 1978 was a tough year for Malibu with the big fire up on the west end, storms that battered the coast and the big slide on PCH East of Las Flores. I had never been exposed to Mother Nature’s wrath in such a real way, at least not for such an extended period of time. My reaction was more one of fascination and awe rather than fear and trepidation. As students, we pitched in and helped sandbag homes in The Colony after the storms That led to the forming of a student service organization, Phi Zeta Chi, that we chartered with the University. Phi Zeta Chi went on to do many community service projects in Malibu over the next 10 years.


During my college years I found myself spending time with my childhood friend Elisabeth, whose family had a beach house here in Malibu. Her grandfather built their home on Malibu Road in 1953. As it turns out, I married that childhood girl next door and we chose to settle and raise our family in Malibu. I have to say it was her idea, but I didn’t take much to convince me.


Our three children (Samantha, Patrick & Madison) all attended Malibu public schools, Point Dume Marine Science Elementary, Malibu Middle School and Malibu High School. Over the years I have participated as a coach and parent volunteer. In 2008 I was appointed to the City of Malibu Parks & Recreation Commission and served out that four year term. During my term on Parks & Rec we were instrumental in the opening of Trancas Canyon Park and participated in improving Las Flores Creek Park & Bluffs Park. We worked hard to get a new skate Park off the ground which, as you probably know, has not been without its complications.


I spend my free time enjoying family life with my wife, Elisabeth, and our three children along with a bit of mountain biking and surfing.


My career in the financial services industry eventually morphed into running a family office where I manage the assets of a family trust. My background in real estate, finance, and insurance along with my understanding of where we have been as a city, will help me represent the citizens of Malibu as we determine what we want our future to look like.


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Mark's Platform

The Environment

I consider myself an environmentalist. Most of the things that I get the most enjoyment from are made possible by Mother Nature.

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Public Safety

Public safety has always been a priority for our city. Safety on Pacific Coast Hwy. has been a vexing problem for decades as more and more commuters pass through our city

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I am generally against more new development in Malibu. Most of the recent development in Malibu does not serve our local residents or help our

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One of the things that I love the most about Malibu is our community. We are a small town in numbers but large geographically.

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I am steadfastly against the addition of camping facilities in Malibu. Apparently, the proposed camping site in Puerco Canyon has been put on the back

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