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I am generally against more new development in Malibu. Most of the recent development in Malibu does not serve our local residents or help our local businesses. We don’t benefit by building space that only large global brands can afford. Most locals aren’t shopping at these stores. There is something out of balance when you can’t buy a pair of underwear but you can find as many $20,000 leather jackets as you want. When the Trancas Country Market was re-developed I publicly fought against the size and scope of the project. The developer who originally got the project entitled ended up “flipping it” to the owner of Trancas Market. So, in essence, the City ended up granting the original developer several variances to make the center larger than the code would normally allow, then, that developer made a profit by selling it to someone else. How did this scenario help anyone but the developer? My position is that our building codes are in place for a reason, the granting of variances to our building codes should be rare. 

Mark Wetton For Malibu City Council

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I am steadfastly against the addition of camping facilities in Malibu. Apparently, the proposed camping site in Puerco Canyon has been put on the back

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Public Safety

Public safety has always been a priority for our city. Safety on Pacific Coast Hwy. has been a vexing problem for decades as more and more commuters pass through our city

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The Environment

I consider myself an environmentalist. Most of the things that I get the most enjoyment from are made possible by Mother Nature.

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One of the things that I love the most about Malibu is our community. We are a small town in numbers but large geographically.

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