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One of the things that I love the most about Malibu is our community. We are a small town in numbers but large geographically. As we lose more and more small businesses, as landmarks are torn down or painted over, I feel our sense of community being eroded little by little.

As an example, we probably have more entertainment executives and artists as residents than anywhere else in the world and we can’t keep a movie theatre in business? This my fellow citizens had been labeled as a financial viability issue but in my view what we really suffer from is a lack of imagination! I have a plan. And no, it’s not the same to have screenings at the Jewish Center or a screening at Bluffs Park now and then. We must work harder as a city to find more room in the budget for the Arts. Community creates art and art creates community. The wealth of artistic talent in our community is mind-blowing and not just the professionals who live here. If you have ever been to a play or concert at Malibu High School you know what I am talking about.

Mark Wetton For Malibu City Council

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Public Safety

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The Environment

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