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Support Mark Wetton For Malibu City Council

Join the Malibu Times and other respected City leaders who have endorsed Mark as a strong, committed, and balanced voice for the preservation and future vitality of a Malibu we all love and value.

Endorsed by Mayor Mikke Pierson

Endorsed by Patt Healy

Malibu Coalition For Slow Growth

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Rivea Marie Martinez
Elliott Megdal Family
Steven O’Neill


Get to know the issues

This weekend we saw the fire risk at The Malibu Bluffs unfold. I remain steadfastly against new camping developments on Malibu’s Bluffs.

Let’s get to work on the housing crisis unfolding on the PCH.

PCH at Corral Beach is still one of the most dangerous stretches of highway in Malibu. Let’s work together to make it safer.

Mark's Platform

Prioritizing Public Safety, Environment, and Community.

Meet Mark

Raising a family, running a business, and surfing in Malibu for over 25 years.

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